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Cesarcells is your partner helps you find and qualify for retinal disease clinical trials. It is also an independent resource on Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) and other retinal diseases. We have a team of health professionals analyzing the full body of research and clinical trial criteria for you, so you don't have to waste time reading through endless medical documentation.

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We currently have over 8 ARMD clinical trials.

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Take a 3-5 minute assessment to see if you're likely to qualify for clinical trials. Then contact the clinics you qualified for.

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Clinical Trials

With a free CesarCells account, you can connect with Stem Cell, Drug, Bio-Tech, and Genetic clinical trials that you are interested in. Trials are gathered independently from various resources, including


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Our tools make it easier for you to find life changing treatments. No more hard to read studies. Just a simple assessment. It's that's easy.

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Genome Analysis

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We currently work with data from the direct-to-consumer 23andMe genetic service

  • Learn about your genetic susceptibility to certain retinal diseases

  • Find out if you are homozygous, or heterozygous for each gene.

  • Understand the SNPs that contribute to genetic retinal diseases

  • Share your results with your clinic for even better collaboration

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Obtain a Gene Report

We scan your genome for the following CLINICALLY RELEVANT SNPs

Genes by Retinal Diseases

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Genetics Results Page

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Each report is currently free during our Beta launch, and comes with a free dietary protocol complete with Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Supplementation Recommendations. *No refunds on virtual products

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How does CESARCELLS Gene Report differ from others? CESARCELLS Gene Report provides only well-researched SNPs that have clinical relevance to retinal disease patients and physicians. We are also one of the only companies to offer a retinal disease gene report.

Who can order the CESARCELLS Gene Report? Anyone can order the Gene report!

Can I use or other gene services' raw data? Unfortunately no. We found that 23andMe has the most robust library of SNPs to work with, which ultimately gives us the opportunity to provide a better service to our customers.

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