Helping those with Retinal Disease
find life changing treatments

Our mission is to make finding clinical trials easier and faster than ever before. Life changing therapies that can significantly improve the quality of life of Age Related Macular Degenration patients are oftentimes hard to find. We are pioneering new approaches to eliminate the complexity of finding such treatments.

Founded in 2016, combines state-of-the-art research and ARMD Clinical Trials inclusion criteria. This has allowed us to advance the treating of patients in ARMD Clinical Trials at an accelerated pace. We are investigating many ARMD Clinical Trials that show the most promise for a cure. currently has eight clinical trials to qualify for. As single trials, three are stem cell, two are drug, and three are research. Beyond these eight clinical trials, we have a pipeline of additional clinical trials that we will be adding periodically.

Management Team

Vincent Porta
Founder, Lead Developer

Pavan Katepalli
Advisor, Full Stack Developer/Tech Entrepreneur

Angela Gonzalez
Medical Advisor, Medical Student/ARMD Researcher